The list of works entered in the Voters' Choice for 2004 are as follows (in alphabetical order).
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Best Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit

A Fool's Hope, by Thundera Tiger
A Question of Duty, by Daw the Minstrel
A Soul Contrite, by Silvermoonlady
All's Well, by Cara J Loup
Erech Memorial, by Primula
Flame of the West, by Altariel
Gifts of Life, by Fileg
Gondorian Military Organisation and Government: Some Thoughts, by Tanaqui
Hostage of Hate, by Littlefish
In an Inn, by Peachy
In Darkness, by Celandine Brandybuck
In the Dark, by Ariel
Keepers of the Hearth, by Alawa
King's Standard, Queen's Hand, by Merithehobbit
Lang, Son of Aleric, by Russ
Life and Times: The Influences on JRR Tolkien, by Heather M Jones
Long Home of Mortals, by Jodancingtree
Magnetic Force, by Marnie
Meetings, by Elendiari
On Merry Yule, by Anglachel (Adult)
Queen's Gambit, by A L Milton
Rose Riddle, by Stultiloquentia
Spartan Letters, by Dwimordene
Sucking Eggses, by Marta
Tempus Edax Rerum, by Mirrordance
That Way, by Werecat
That Which Remains, by Ëarmírë
The Battle of the Golden Wood, by Marnie
The Emblem You Chose, by Wild Iris
The End of Hope, by ErinRua
The Entwives, by Sharon L Shannon
The Hours, by Thevina Finduilas
The King of Dale, by BarkeepInBree
The Last Temptation of the Ringbearer, by Tulip Proudfoot
The Life and Inspirations of JRR Tolkien, by Tami Allen
Water and Flame, by Marta
Well Favored, by Isabeau of Greenlea
What the Heart Knows, by Frayach ni Cuill
When Shadow Touches Home, by Daw the Minstrel


Best Silmarillion

Across Dark Waters, by Zimraphel
Confessions of a Sharp Glance, by Maura Mellon
Every Good and Perfect Gift, by Nessime
Falling, by Maureen Lycaon
Felagund and the Noegyth Nibin, by Soledad
History Lessons, by Nilmandra
Home of My Heart, by Nimíriel
Horses and Hounds, by Laura L
Lasciate Ogne Speranza?, by Finch
Opening Doors, by Adina Atl (Adult)
Sirion, by Wild Iris
Slouching toward Gondolin, by Fileg
Taming the Wildflower, by Sulriel/Becky Huffman (Adult)
The Dead City, by Wild Iris
The Minstrel, by Finwen
The Prince, by Tyellas
To Ulmo, in Aman, by Marta
Varda Makes the Elven-Stars, by Aramel
War Dust, by Ëarmírë


Best Character Piece*

1400 -- Spring, by Cara J Loup
A Fine Line (A Moment of Insight), by Andreth
A Song of Salt, by Stultiloquentia
A Spring Fair in Minas Tirith, by Regina
Aglarrâma, by Zimraphel
Among the Fields of Green, by ErinRua
An Unexpected Encounter, by Lurea
Ar-Feiniel, by Aramel
Arwen's Last Song, by Fangelir
Ascension, by Fileg
Athrabeth Elrond Ah Arwen, by Elvasdottir
Black Diamond, by Thevina Finduilas
Bound By Difference, by Sphinx
Breathe, by Fileg
Darkness Falls, by Flick
Departing, by Celandine Brandybuck
Duty, by Starlight
Emblematic, by Your Cruise Director
Failure, by Tanaqui
Fellowship, by M Scott Eiland
Following the Other Wizard: Journey into Healing, by Jodancingtree
Gardener in the Vineyard, by Calanthe
Gathering the Pieces, by Tehta
Gift Horses, by Jedishampoo
Giving Gifts, by Dwimordene
Green, by Khylaren (Adult)
Hope for the Uruk, by Grond (Adult)
How Many Years?, by Marta
How Quickbeam Got His Name, by Teasel
In the Clear, by Cara J Loup
Inheritance, by Kielle
Kementári's Son, by Celandine Brandybuck
Left Behind, by Katherine
Magnum Opus, by Zimraphel
Nine Lives, by Werecat
Nor Iron Bars a Cage, by Fayjay
Of All the Inquisitive Tooks, by James Walkswithwind
Of Arwen and Aragorn, by Newra
Of Bombadil and Peredhel, by Meir Brin
On the Shores of Valinor, by Maybe (Adult)
One Year in Mirkwood, by Daw the Minstrel
Orc Patrol, by Igenlode Wordsmith
Paths for the Dead, by James Walkswithwind
Pearl of Great Price, by Lindelea
Remnants of Discord, by Sevilodorf, Celebsul and Erin Rua
Resolution, by A L Milton
Sacrifice Under Shadow, by Daw the Minstel
Scenes from Rivendell, by Dracunculus
Seas of Fate, by Thundera Tiger
Seven Stars and Seven Stones, by Queen of Thorns
Sing Me Home, by Shirebound
Some Years Ago in Greenwood, by Luineithel
Sonnets of the Gondolindrim, by Nerdanel
Spirits of the House, by Altariel
Telling the Bees, by Fileg
The Diary, by Pearl Took
The Halflings, by Nikki Took
The Hour of Splendor, by HF
The Lady of Lothlorien, by Anna Leonore Smith
The Lion and the Swan, by ErinRua
The Sickle of the Valar, by Altariel
The Sorcerer's Apprentice, by Erunyauve
The Tales Retold, by Sevilodorf
The Trial of Frodo Baggins, by Gentle Hobbit
The Unexpected Homecoming, by JMac
The Visit, by Adrienne
The White and the Grey, by Sharon L Shannon
Their Love Will Be With Me, by Azira Aziz
Thinking of You, by Grey Wonderer
Ties of Love, by Avon
To Death, by Song of Eä
To Do the Job, by The Karenator
Under the Waterfall, by Thevina Finduilas
Voices of the Forgotten, by Jen Littlebottom
War Now Calls Us, by Elvenesse
We Survived Because of Me!, by Powerofthebook
What's in a Name?, by Merfy
When the Day Comes, by Ravenna Halfwest
Whistling Past the Graveyard, by Shunt


Best Drama / Action Adventure*

A Final Polish, by Starlight
A Flood, a Fall, a Finale, a Fever, by Pearl Took
Betrothal, by Windfola
Celestial Quartet, by Thevina Finduilas (Adult)
Coavalta, by Zimraphel
Daughters of Oromë, by Thevina Finduilas
Elencálë (The Light of the Elves), by Taoist Elf (Adult)
Fair Game, by Altariel
False Trails, by Mackie and Hephaistos
Finding Courage, by Zimraphel
Fire and Shadow, by Daw the Minstrel
Foresight Unknown, Beauty Unrivaled, by Merithehobbit
Gold Like Tears, by Zimraphel
In the Hands of the Enemy, by Meckinock (Adult)
In the Wild, by Forodwaith
Light Lingering, by Ëarmírë
Mortal Shores, by Vorondis (Adult)
Not for Pride Alone, by Zimraphel
Obsidian, by Celebsul, Erin Rua and Sevilodorf
Proof, by Altariel
Ruin, by Notabluemaia
Sapphire Aurea, by Bejai
Shades of the Immortal, by Levade
Shire: Beginnings, by Lindelea
Speak, Friend, and Enter, by Thevina Finduilas
Standards, by Dwimordene
Stars in the River, by Murasaki99
The Battle of Bywater, by Lullenny
The Face of the Enemy, by Soledad
The Heart of Men, by Nili
The Strange Case of the House at Hollinport, by Russ
The Tide of Times, by Daw the Minstrel
The Warrior, by Daw the Minstrel


Best Humour*

A Pair of Proper Tooks, by North-Took
A Very Dark, Very Wet, and Very Miserable Morning, by Thundera Tiger
Advice, by Theresa Green (Adult)
Ailurophobia, by Werecat
An Elf's Best Friend, by Still Anonymous
Blowing the Horn of Minas Tirith, by Viv (Adult)
Debbie Does the Two Towers, by Gypsie Rose (Adult)
Dinner Guests, by Salsify
Dromonds. Not Junks., by Philosopher At Large
Eina Nostare, Meleth Nin, by The Last Evenstar
Faramir's Diary, by Sue B
Frodo Hill; or, Memoirs of a Hobbit of Pleasure, by Teasel (Adult)
Gandalf's Diary, by Mike Brooks
Glorfindel Fair, by Antigone Q
Home for the Holidays, by Claudio (Adult)
In Service, by Tiriel (Adult)
Legolas: the Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual, by Theresa Green
No Living Man, by Angela Holder (Elana)
Notes From the Field, by Bryn Bnw
Ode To the Absent, by Thevina Finduilas
One Day, by Alawa
Paperback Strider, by Haleth Haladin
Quickening, by Tyellas
Revenge of the Fanfiction Husbands, by Theresa Green
Run Run Run, by Celandine Brandybuck
Song-Fight at the Swan and Cygnet Saloon, by Chathol-Linn
Spiders, Wargs, and Wights!, by Sheraiah
The Believer, by Cori Lannam
The Corsair Papers, by Fileg and Flick
The Groupie of Dol Guldur, by Wild Iris
The Hamster, by Dwimordene
The Living Is Easy, by Pearl Took
The Party Next Door, by Acacea


Best Romance/Erotica -- Het

A Little Night Music, by Ariel (Adult)
At Sea, by Altariel
Bewitched, by Arwen Lune
Courting the Lady, by Celandine Brandybuck
Crooked Heart, by CinnamonGrrl (Adult)
Disasters in Waiting, by The Last Evenstar
Eternally, by Jennifer Lee and Ellbee (Adult)
Gaming, by Nancy Brooke (Adult)
His Rose, by Aemilia Rose
Inspired, by Viv (Adult)
Into the West (And Back), by Alexandra Adams
Love Me, Urgren, by Werecat
Of Gold and Wood, by Lady Peredhel
Peregrin and Diamond, by Pearl Took
Sára-Lissë -- Bittersweet, by Erin's Daughter (Adult)
The Influence of Kindred Desires, by Tanaqui (Adult)


Best Romance/Erotica -- Slash

A Taste for Honey, by Nefertiti (Adult)
Dark Waters, by Murasaki99 (Adult)
Discretion & Discovery, by Isabeau of Greenlea (Adult)
Falling into the Sky, by Elanor Gardner (Adult)
Find the Sun, by Stewardess (Adult)
Ghost Fires, by Ëarmírë
Heliotrope, by Haleth Haladin (Adult)
Iced Tease, by Theresa Green (Adult)
Instinct, by Tiriel (Adult)
Lying in Bed: A Grammar Lesson in Four Gasps, by Teasel (Adult)
Perfect World, by Juxian Tang
Roost, by Cara J Loup
Second Chances, by Larien Elengasse (Adult)
Semper Fidelis, by Dwimordene (Adult)
Shining One, by Stewardess (Adult)
Shriven, by Lullenny (Adult)
Simple Gifts, by Thevina Finduilas (Adult)
The Field of Cormallen, by Elenya (Adult)
The Master-Light of Seeing, by HF
The Night Season, by Achillea Millefolium (Adult)
The Perfect Match, by Tiriel (Adult)
The Straight Way, by HF (Adult)
The Thurber Hypothesis; or, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Imladris, by Capella (Adult)
To Sleep, Perchance To Dream, by Calle Dybedahl
While You Sleep, by Maggie Honeybite (Adult)


*The three new categories (Best Character Piece, Best Drama/Action Adventure & Best Humour) were selected by an online poll.

Adult denotes material rated R or above; unlabelled material may not be suitable for young children.