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Fanfiction archives, recommendations, awards sites

A'mael Taren: Faramir fanfiction archive & recommendations (adult*)

The Aníron Awards for Aragorn/Arwen fanfiction (adult links)

Axe and Bow Archive: A Legolas & Gimli fan archive (adult)

Books of Bag End: The Hobbit Slash Archive (adult)

The Burping Troll: An archive of collaborative fan works

The Crossover Awards: LotR, BtVS, PotC & Star Wars crossovers (adult material & RPS linked)

Cuthalions Bogen: Fanfiction auf Deutsch (Łbersetzt/original) (adult)

Emyn Arnen: Eowyn/Faramir fiction archive (adult)

Espresso Recommendations: LotR, Silmarillion & The Hobbit (adult links)

Eternal: Fanfiction, essays & opinion about Legolas (adult)

Even If...: Fanfiction archive focusing on Aragorn & Legolas

FellowShip: Boromir/Aragorn fanfiction archive (adult)

Galadhrim.net: Fiction, art & essays about the Lothlorien elves (adult)

Glass Onion Archive (multi-fandom, adult)

Hall of Fire: Middle-earth inspired fanfiction & art (adult)

Henneth AnnŻn Story Archive: Fanfiction, essays & member discussions (adult)

Least Expected: A Tolkien slash fanfiction archive (adult; temporarily closed)

Legolas Fanfiction Archive: Legolas fanfiction & bio (adult)

Library of Moria: Lord of the Rings slash fanfiction archive (adult)

Meduseld: Rohan fanfiction & fan art archive (adult)

The Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards: Comments-based Tolkien fanfiction awards (adult links)

My Precious Awards: Voted awards for LotR fanfiction (adult material & RPS linked)

Of Elves and Men: LotR fanfiction archive (adult; RPS included)

Official LOTRfanclub Scrapbook: Fanfiction, parodies, poetry, songs & essays

Open Scrolls: Tolkien het fanfiction archive (adult)

Parma Eruseen: LotR fanfiction & essays

Romancing the Jewels: Fanfiction, poetry & essays based on the Silmarillion legendarium

The Ringleaders Archive: LotR fanfiction (temporarily closed)

Sen O Gwend: LotR movieverse fanfiction

Shire-Side Tales: Family-friendly hobbit fanfic

The Silmarillion Fanfiction Fanlisting

Silver Tree: Portrait of an Elf-lord: Fiction, art & articles about Celeborn (adult links)

Steward's Scrolls: A Denethor fanfiction archive (adult)

Stories of Arda: Tolkien gen & het fanfiction (adult)

Tolkien Fan Fiction: archive of the Henneth Annun list (adult)

The Trees Remember: A Mirkwood fanfiction archive

The Undying Tales: LotR fanfiction

Warrior's Glory: Legolas/Eowyn fanfiction, fanart, recs & info (adult)

West of the Moon: Fanfiction focusing on hobbits (adult)

Whether or No: Fanfiction & fan art about Frodo/Sam & Merry/Pippin (adult)

Writer's Corner: multifandom fanfiction & writers' forum (adult)

Yielding to Spring: An archive of fanfiction featuring Faramir & Eowyn (adult)

Information & news sites, discussion lists, communities

Ardalambion: Essays on Tolkien's invented languages

Bit of Earth, the Samwise Gamgee Fanclub: Fanfiction, fan art, news & information

Council of Elrond: News, information, forum, fanfiction & fanart

Daemel (Shadowlove): A list for dark slash (adult; includes RPS)

Encyclopedia of Arda: Illustrated hypertext encyclopedia of all Tolkien's works

Henneth AnnŻn: The Window on the West

Hidden Whispers: LotR online fanfiction directory (adult & RPS links)

Liv Tyler/Arwen Undomiel: Pictures, interviews & information

Lord of the Rings Fanatics Network: Information, forum & gallery

Mirkwood to Moria: Movie photo gallery

Ring Whores: Parodies, quizzes, polls & photos (adult)

Silmfics: Silmarillion fanfiction and discussions

Tolkien Online: News, discussion, fanfiction & gallery

War of the Ring: News, forums, fanfiction, photo gallery & information (adult)

Art & craft sites

LotR Fan Art: An archive of LotR inspired artwork & crafts

Middle-earth Tours by Kyriel: Art depicting the people & places of Middle-earth

Merchandise sites (commercial)

Lord of the Rings Merchandise Shop: Books, movies, audio, costume & collectibles

Mithril Armoury: Arms & armour authorised reproductions from the LotR movies

Personal sites

All About Hmpf: Fanfiction & essays in LotR & other fandoms

Amazing Creatures: Fanfiction & hobbit-centric recommendations by Teasel (adult)

Ansereg: Adult fanfiction & essays by Tyellas (adult)

Bernsteinnixe's Slash Fiction (adult)

Blossoms of the Shire: LotR fanfiction, poetry & art by Orangeblossom Took

Chez Emma: LotR & Highlander fanfiction by Emma Keigh (adult)

Dreamy Aspirations: Fanfiction, essays & character bios by Eledhwen

Elfstone: LotR fantasy art by Elfie (adult)

The End is Coming: LotR & BtVS fanfiction by Celestalrohim (adult)

Erin's Stories from Middle-earth: Fanfiction & Poetry

The Green Dragon Inn: Slash fanfiction & essays by Janet Elizabeth (adult)

Himeko Himura's Fanfiction (adult)

Incandescent: LotR fanfiction, fan art, photo-manipulations & comics by Trinity Helix (adult)

Kat's LOTR Fanfiction (adult)

Khazar-Khum's Story Archive (adult)

Kinslayer: Kielle's fanfiction and fanart (adult; actor fiction)

Legends of Middle-earth: Fanfiction by Scribe (adult)

Memoirs of the Shire: Frodo & Sam fanfiction by Crystal Gamgee

Odeena Skywalker's Fanfiction: LotR & other fandoms (adult)

Rhovanion: Larien's LotR fanfiction (adult)

Sam Gamgee costume by Daisy Thistletop

Samnath Naur: LotR fanfiction by Uineniel

ShireBorn Rogues: A hobbit comic by Daisy Thistletop

Spacellama Palace: Fanfiction, recommendations & writing tips by Viv (adult)

Thrihyrne: Thevina's Tolkien & HP fanfiction, poetry, recommendations & essays (adult)

Wellinghall: Tolkien & PotC fanfiction & essays by Celandine Brandybuck & Zwarte Parel (adult)

*'Adult' refers to sites housing R-rated material or above. However, note that not all sites without this label will be suitable for young children


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