Mithril Awards 2003

The organisers thank the following people for making the 2003 awards possible:

A. Jinnie McManus, Adrian, Altariel, Amy Fortuna, Andrea Love, Anglachel, Ariel, Arwen Lune, Beth Philliber, Cheysuli, Daisy Thistletop, Dr Zhie, Feanor, Finch, Forodwaith, Helena, Isabeau of Greenlea, Janet, Jocelyn, Julie Watkins, Kara Haff, Kat Heiman, Little Sam, Maddy McCormick, Marea, Marius Kiely, May Anne Guiao, Miryam Librán Moreno, Narie_the_waitress, Nienna Calaquendi, Notabluemaia, PJ Strange, Sennacherib, Seronuial, Squee, Stefanie, Tays, The Last Ringbearer, Thevina Finduilas, members of the LotR-FF-awards group, and, of course,
JRR Tolkien

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