If for some reason you are unable to use the online form to nominate stories, you may submit your nominations via e-mail. These should be clearly marked NOMINATIONS in the subject line. Please use the template provided if possible. In any case, the following information should be included at the top of the e-mail:

Your name:
Your e-mail address:
I am over the age of majority in my country/ I am below the age of majority in my country (please delete as applicable)*

Each nomination should then be made in the following format, in the order in which the categories are listed. Please leave at least three blank lines between each nomination. Please remember that stories may not be nominated for more than two categories, so choose wisely.

Author’s e-mail:
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You must give a direct link to the story at a freely accessible web page. Links to archive listings or to pages where access is restricted to members will not be accepted.

Please put all your nominations into a single e-mail. In case of mistakes, please immediately
e-mail corrections with the subject line: NOMINATIONS CORRECTION. Multiple nominations
e-mails will not normally be accepted.

All e-mail nominations should be sent to mithrilawards@yahoo.com by midnight (Eastern Standard Time), 9th May 2004.

*If you are below the age of majority in your country you may not nominate adult-rated material.