TTBA: Comments by Sondra Sweigman

[Sondra writes as someone who doesn't read erotica]

I think Tavia did as good a job as anyone could in treading the fine line between sexually explicit and smut for smut's sake. Even in those stories which contain *passages* I considered to be erotica, they didn't *dominate* the story.

Anyway, there's some damn good writing in ttba. The stories I enjoyed most were "Courage?" by Nickey Barnard, "Humility: I'm Not Worth Dying For" by Belatrix Carter, "Before the Fall" by Airan Wilkinson, "Ash Wednesday" by Firerose and "Fetch" by Hafren. I also liked the following a great deal: "The Last Days of Roj Blake" by Una McCormack, "Awake and Find No" by Ika, "Benediction" by Morrigan, "Purple Haze" by Executrix, "Privilege" by Susan Cutter, "The Sleep of the Dead" by Hades. I'm not sure about "Unfinished Business" by Nova, Great plot, but it would have been *so* much more believable *without* the sexual relationships--any of them.

I did very much appreciate the high Blake quotient in the zine, and I did also very much appreciate the high-quality copy editing, because having just finished navigating those editorial waters myself for my own zine, I have a first-hand understanding of all the labor that task entails.

19 March 2001


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