Fiction for adults, but not usually 'adult'. Rated broadly in line with the BBFC film ratings



Angels and Demons

Lex Luthor has a case for Angel Investigations. Crossover with Smallville. Novella set after S3 'Birthday'

22,500 words; September 2002 (12)

I Can Hear the Mermaids Singing

Sunlight isn't the only thing that Angel misses. Set after S2 'Epiphany'

3,500 words; September 2001 (12)

Not Everything is About Him

Bad boy Wesley. Snippet set before S2 'Dear Boy'

500 words; April 2003 (15)

Variation for Rifle and Car Keys

'Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven'. Vignette set after S3 'The Price'

600 words; June 2002 (PG)


Ash Wednesday

After the events on Gauda Prime, a shell-shocked Avon is stranded on a primitive agricultural planet, survival his only priority. But nothing is quite as it seems. Novella

25,300 words; published in ttba, February 2001 (12)

Ashes and Diamonds

Roj Blake, Hero -- First Rank. A vignette written to honour the 20th anniversary of the first showing of 'Blake'

500 words; October 2001 (PG)

Computational Theory and Practice

Teacher and pupil. Double drabble set in the 'What Might Have Been' universe

200 words; July 2008 (PG)

The Mutoid's Tale

'We're supposed to be machines. Machines built from living flesh.' A homage to The Handmaid's Tale

2,250 words; earlier version published in I, Mutoid, November 2001 (12)

Pushing the Barriers

Avon and Blake jockey for position, whilst learning to rock-climb the hard way

2,650 words; published in Diverse Doings 6, November 2000 (12)

A Short Ride in a Fast Machine

Five strangers re-evaluate their lives when they find themselves hurled into fleeting acquaintance

5,000 words; published in Trooper Orac's Fantastic Plastic Army, September 2001 (12)

Some Questions Best Unanswered

Prequel to 'Ash Wednesday', inspired by the theme 'The Seven Deadly Virtues'

800 words; published in ttba, February 2001 (PG)

Still Life

Vila makes a friend. Vignette

600 words; December 2000 (PG)

This is the Dead Land

So this is a 'tree'. Drabble set during S1 'Duel'

100 words; July 2008 (PG)

What Might Have Been

Blake struggles with fundamental questions of trust, friendship and political ideology in the harsh environment of the Earth domes

6,400 words; published in Trooper Orac's Fantastic Plastic Army, September 2001 (PG)


The Earth Speaks

Your iron ropes strangle my hills. Drabble

100 words; December 2008 (PG)

The End Is Where We Start From

'Farewell, Amil my king.' Vignette

1,100 words; December 2008 (PG)

The Last Free Soul of Dalemark

There's only one way for a man to be free in Dalemark now

4,500 words; December 2008 (15)

The Three Ages of Mitt

When Mitt is a boy he's a free soul. Drabble

100 words; August 2009 (PG)


The Daughters of Karekh

Being a fragment from the Kargish creation myths, attributed to Hathil of Hupun & translated by Firerose

850 words; August 2005 (PG)

The Dragon Year

Flint can no more comprehend his wife of a week than talk to a dragon. Four loosely linked vignettes

4,100 words; August 2009 (12)


'With the right boat beneath your feet, who knows where you might sail.' A coda to The Other Wind

650 words; February 2011 (PG)

A Handful of Dust

'I will show you fear in a handful of dust'. Crossover with Harry Potter

250 words; April 2006 (PG)


One day Ged went for a walk in the forest and never returned. Double drabble

200 words; August 2009 (PG)

Of Swords and Boys

Erreth-Akbe's sword is the oldest in the world

1,950 words; December 2005 (PG)

Of Thistles and Fir Cones

Birth, life and death. Three linked vignettes

1,400 words; December 2004 (12)

On the Education of Daughters

Kossil learns. Drabble and a half

150 words; August 2009 (PG)

On the Long Memory of Dragons

Drabble. Crossover between A Wizard of Earthsea & The Hobbit

100 words; April 2006 (PG)

Silver and White

Sunreturn at the Great House of Roke. Set a few years earlier than The Farthest Shore

2,500 words; August 2005 (PG)

george eliot

Looking into the Mind of God

On pickled bats & skeletons, roses & beetles, among other matters (Middlemarch)

3,200 words; December 2006 (PG)

georgette heyer

Cinderella, Interrupted

'It's not fair! That's my fairy story!' A Friday's Child AU

14,000 words; Work in progress (PG)


Strawberries and Champagne

Perfect memories of a Cambridge summer, all strawberries, punting & May Balls ... but can Helen ever go back?

5,500 words; November 2001 (12)


Angels and Demons

Lex Luthor has a case for Angel Investigations. Crossover with Angel. Novella set after S1 'Jitters'

22,500 words; September 2002 (12)

In the Dark

In the dark you could be anyone. Snippet set after S2 'Insurgence'

250 words; April 2003 (12)

star trek: ds9


Cats simply weren't suited to space stations. Drabble

100 words; August 2009 (U)


The Malleable Metal of his Mind I & II

No-one starts out evil. Two linked snippets based in Unfinished Tales, inspired by the 'Dram of Evil, Seed of Good' challenge (I: Mithril Awards 2005 finalist)

350 words; April 2004 (U)


The new Steward delves into the past, whilst coming to terms with the present, and the future. Novella set during Return of the King (Kings of Gondor & Arnor Award, MEFA 2004)

13,300 words; May 2003 (15)

On the Long Memory of Dragons

Drabble. Crossover between The Hobbit & A Wizard of Earthsea

100 words; April 2006 (PG)

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