Tavia in Mongolia

On the summit of an unnamed peak on the Mongolian-Chinese border (summer 2001)


Tavia Modelling new ski boots in Winter Park (March 2005)
  On the summit of Yr Elen, completing the Welsh Three Thousanders (Aug 2004)
  At Ty Newydd (summer 2003) -- offsite link
  On Alison's Rib, Bosigran, Cornwall (Easter 2003)
  In Winter Park (March 2003)
  At the Roaches (November 2002)
  With Zeno (October 2002)
  With Blake's 7 friends (August 2002) -- offsite link
  In Mongolia (summer 2001)
  In La Plagne (January 2001)
Adrian In Alpe d'Huez (March 2004)
  In the Canadian Rockies (summer 1999)
Cats Zeno close up, on the prowl (March 2003)  
  Zeno & tree, Zeno & laptop, an enduring fascination with boxes (March 2000)
  Adorable kitten, less adorable kitten (November 1999)
Places The garden: apple tree, birches and conifer & heather bed (May 2004)
  View from my office window: sunset, winter


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Last updated 23 June 2005