The Mithril Awards are organised by the following people, out of an abiding love for the works of JRR Tolkien. Feel free to contact us either individually or at the awards address, You can also make anonymous comments using the Contact form.

Awards Committee 2003–2004

Eledhwen ( is a long-time Tolkien fan, having lost count of the number of times she's reread LOTR! She writes and reads mainly general LOTR fanfic, but has a special preference for anything Aragorn. In real life Eledhwen is a print journalist.

Janet Elizabeth Swainston ( has been a fan of Lord of the Rings since she was 13 years old. This was her introduction into the works of fantasy fiction and she has been hooked ever since. She writes fan fiction, maintains her own website, is an aspiring novelist and has recently formed an independent, and struggling film company with her best friend. In the real world she works in retail, and writes something every day.

Khazar ( holds advanced degrees in literary criticism & art history. She has been involved in fandom since 1983.

Tavia ( has loved JRR Tolkien's works since she was small. She writes (as Firerose) and betas across five fandoms, and also publishes the award-winning Blake's 7 zine, ttba. A professional non-fiction writer and editor in real life, she's currently doing an MPhil in creative writing whilst writing her first novel.

Voters' Choice 2004

Returning Officer: Tavia
Arbiters: Becky Huffman, Sarah Anne Abbott

Judges & Screeners 2004